Speciality: Fighting in 1v1 contact with weapons and melee

Responsibility: To provide protection or support to objectives or other personalities.

Vehicles: Granger (Olive Green, Black Trim), Patriot (Olive Green)


Speciality: Having exact accuracy on targets with rifles and pistols.

Responsibility: To watch over other units from far distances without being spotted by the enemy.

Vehicles: Any Olive Green Dirt Bike. No liveries


Specialty: Able to control a heavy duty land vehicle offroad or under fire by enemy ambushes or convoys.

Responsibility: To provide units with transport from A to B with protection.

Vehicles: Rhino, Insurgent, Mesa, Barracks


Speciality: Able to perform combat in air vehicles with proper vehicle handling.

Responsibility: To provide units protection from enemy air units or armoured units and transportation.

Vehicles: Hydra, Cargobob, Valkyrie, Buzzard, Savage, Swift, Bestra

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